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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are you based (and how far do you travel)?

A. Partners in Crime is based in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Most of our performances are held in the Eastern Ontario region. Travel beyond this area, into other parts of Ontario and into western Quebec, is sometimes possible, depending on our schedule. In such cases, you would be responsible for accommodation and meals for our cast and crew, and other costs associated with travel, in addition to our regular fee.

Q. Where do you perform?

A. That's up to you. Partners In Crime is a travelling theatre company. Our scripts are adaptable to a wide variety of settings, but it's important that all participants be able to view and hear the action at once. Typical settings include banquet halls and restaurants, but we have on occasion performed in private homes as well.

Q. Are your performances open to the public?

A. Again, that's up to you. Once our fee to you is set, you may sell tickets to the public if that's the nature of your business or your organization. We play to both private and public audiences.

Q. Would a Partners In Crime Murder Mystery Dinner be suitable for a charity fund-raiser?

A. Absolutely! In fact, we have a special reduced rate for charitable organizations.

Q. How does a Partners In Crime Murder Mystery Dinner work?

A. Typically, an evening starts around 6:00 pm with a cash bar. Part of the action takes place during this time. Dinner is somewhere around 7:00 and more events unfold throughout it. The action typically climaxes during the dessert course. We take a 10-15 minute break over coffee, during which time the various tables work as groups to study the clues, interrogate the suspects, and try to deduce the solution (murderer, method, motive). At the end of the break, a spokesperson for each group presents its solution and then we finish up with the "real" solution. We're usually done around 9:30 or 10:00, depending on how involved the guests get, and how the timing/serving of the dinner goes.

Q. How many people do we need to have?

A. Partners in Crime has a minimum fee which corresponds to 35 people. We recommend that no more than 120 people be in attendance.

Q. What do we need to provide?

A. Partners in Crime provides all the props, etc., and requires a minimal setup – usually just a head table in a location easily visible to all participants, and some space around it. You are also required to provide meals for our cast and crew (usually about 7 or 8 in total). We also need a second room, close to the room we will be performing in, to be used as a dressing room/backstage area. If this second room is close to a washroom, it would be very helpful.

Q. Do we get to dress up?

A. You certainly may. Though some of our mysteries are set in the modern day, others are set in the past.

Q. What about publicity, ticket sales, etc.?

A. Ticket sales and publicity are the responsibility of you, the client.

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